Evidence-based Continuing Education

MedBio Publications LLC is dedicated to life-long medical education for health professionals, but our vision is to enhance medical education on a global basis. The unique stance of MedBio Publications continuing medical education (CME) is a result of medical professionals and technology experts combining efforts in support of bringing high quality, evidence-based medical education to physicians around the world, in an effort to enhance quality and improve worldwide patient outcomes. MedBio Publications understands the importance of enhancing medical education across the world and provides interactive programs, which allow participants to learn with a case history focus. The participant is provided with a clinical patient scenario and presented with issues such as appropriate diagnosis, management, treatment, prevention, intervention, and more. Each continuing medical education course is developed by expert physician faculty and medical writers using advanced standards for literature review, and principles of evidence-based decision making, in order to further the knowledge of the participant and, in turn, improve patient outcomes and healthcare quality.

Medical Writing Institute

There are several focus areas of medical writing, which include regulatory medical writing, medical writing for original research (e.g., peer-reviewed manuscripts), and medical writing for continuing medical education and patient education. The focus of this medical writing certificate program is on evidence-based medical writing. Individuals participating in this medical writing certificate will have the tools to develop an evidence-based document, which effectively communicates the findings of medical research or original research concepts. This medical writing certificate program is unique, in that once this certificate program is completed, the student has the opportunity of applying for a medical writing practicum and gaining real world experience, samples, and references for their portfolio. Learn more about the MMWI