Medical Writing Mentorship

MedBio Publications has a successful mentorship program, working on a one-on-one basis with health care professionals to give them the guidance they need. Examples of our clients include:

  • Nursing doctoral students publishing in peer-reviewed journals
  • Nurses or other health care professionals developing peer-reviewed publications
  • Development of successful abstracts and posters

Mentor Program

MedBio Publications has been striving to ensure Best Practices in medical writing for over 12 years. Our author mentorship program provides essential knowledge and customized guidance to authors who want to disseminate outcomes or present evidence-based information while adhering to best practices in authorship and medical writing. Our mentor program allows an author to adhere to ethics of authorship, while receiving much-needed guidance from experienced medical writing professionals.

By utilizing the MedBio Mentor Program, the most complex projects are made manageable with detailed step-by-step guidance from inception to completion.

What You Get

  • One-on-one consultation with medical writing professional to review your project and develop a publication plan
  • Multiple screencast presentations to guide you through the publication process
  • Assistance with selection of a venue for outcomes dissemination
  • Customized recommendations for conducting a systematic literature review (includes instruction on which MeSH key words to utilize, how to define your limits and search criteria, clearly defined methodology)
  • Guidance for inclusion of additional databases and assistance with retrieving reference documents
  • Recommendations for structure and expression of ideas and concepts
  • Tips for adhering to the AMA style of writing (or otherwise specified) and step-by-step guidance for developing draft/adherence to author guidelines
  • Board of the Editorial Life Sciences (BELS) review of first draft and detailed guidance for finalization of project
  • Mock peer-review to assess strengths and weaknesses of project
  • Review of next steps and what to expect


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